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Human genetics and cognitive functions

Thomas Bourgeron, PhD


Our group gathers geneticists, neurobiologists and clinicians to explore the relationship between genetics and the susceptibility to psychiatric conditions. We are especially interested on autism spectrum disorders, and our previous studies have revealed the implication of a synaptogenetic pathway including the synaptic cell adhesion molecules NLGN3, NLGN4X, and NRXN1 and the scaffolding protein SHANK3 - all crucial for the maintenance of functional synapses. Our aim is to identify new susceptibility genes within this pathway and to characterize the biological factors that regulate it. We explore the genetic/epigenetic hallmarks of affected individuals using high-throughput genotyping and sequencing-based methods, in combination with clinical, neurobiological and neuroimaging data collected from patients or using cell and animal models.


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Members of the Bourgeron Lab (Octobre 2014)

Name Grade Topics Employment
Thomas Bourgeron Professor Genetics University Paris 7
Corinne Baran Administrative Assistant Institut Pasteur
Fréderique Amsellem Psychologist Psychiatry Robert Debré Hospital
Anita Beggiato Intern Psychiatry Robert Debré Hospital
Marion Benabou PhD Student Genetics Institut Pasteur
Anna Bonnet PhD Student Statistics University Paris 11
Jean-Pierre Bourgeois Directeur de Recherche Neurobiology CNRS
Julien Buratti Bioinformatician Genetics Institut Pasteur
Coralie Carton PhD Student Genetics University Paris 7
Isabelle Cloëz-Tayarani Chargé de Recherche Neurobiology Institut Pasteur
Richard Delorme Professor Psychiatry Robert Debré Hospital
Marie Ducloy Intern Psychiatry Institut Pasteur
Guillaume Dumas PostDoc Cognition Institut Pasteur
Elodie Ey Chargé de Recherche Behaviour CNRS
Allain-Thibeault Ferhat PhD Student Behaviour Institut Pasteur
Ophélie Foubet PhD Student Neuroanatomy University Paris 7, CRI
Hany Goubran-Botros Research Engineer, PhD Biochemistry Institut Pasteur
Laura Gouder PhD Student Neurobiology Université Paris 5
Guillaume Huguet PostDoc Genetics Institut Pasteur
Aline Lefebvre Intern Psychiatry CHU Caen
Nathalie Lemiere Technician Genetics Institut Pasteur
Anne-Marie Le Sourd Technician Neurobiology CNRS
Anna Maruani Dr. Psychiatry Robert Debré Hospital
Alexandre Mathieu Bioinformatician Genetics Institut Pasteur
Thomas Rolland PostDoc Genetics Institut Pasteur
Anne-Claude Tabet MD Genetics Robert Debré Hospital
Roberto Toro Chargé de Recherche Neuroanatomy Institut Pasteur
Alban Ziegler Intern Genetics Institut Pasteur

Former Members of GHFC

Name Grade Topics Employment
Pauline Chaste PhD, MD Psychiatry Robert Debré Hospital
Fabien Fauchereau Assistant Professor Genetics University Paris 7
Audrey Guilmatre PostDoc Genetics Institut Pasteur
Marina Konyukh PhD Student Genetics University Paris 7
Claire Leblond PhD Student Genetics Institut Pasteur
Oriane Mercati PhD Student Neurobiology Institut Pasteur
Cécile Pagan PhD Student Biochemistry University Paris 5
Nicolas Torquet Engineer Behavior CNRS

Selected software

  • BrainSpell: A web portal where we can label the neuroimaging literature together.
  • BrainCatalogue: Celebrate animal diversity by sharing high-quality data of vertebrate brains.
  • Coactivation Map: An atlas of functional coactivations in the human brain.
  • Brain Folding: Tools for analysing folding of the cerebral cortex.
  • SnipPeep: Viewer for copy number variation data obtained from whole-genome genotyping.
  • Brain PPI Visualizer: Visualize spatio-temporal protein-protein interactions in the brain.


One position is available at the unit "Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions" directed by Pr. Thomas Bourgeron at the Institut Pasteur, Paris.
The applicant will study the genetics of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) using whole genome genotyping /sequencing approaches. The lab was pioneered in the identification of synaptic genes in ASD and aims now at understanding the synaptic profile of multiplex families with ASD using whole genome sequencing.

Role purpose :
Join the Genomic and Genetic Research Group, and participate to our gene candidate discovery process for Autistic traits and breeding by analyzing complex datasets in the context of biological pathways.
Your main mission will be to responsible for the interpretation of large scale array-based data (genomics), in relationship with quantitative genetic data and whole genomic sequencing. Identify and build biological networks and pathways that may help us in the understanding of such complex Autistic traits.

Primary responsibilities :

  • Analysis of genomic data, genes networks, pathway analysis
  • Data-mining and experience with managing high throughput 'omics data as well as public repositories such as NCBI, UCSC, AmiGO, etc

Qualifications :
  • Experience in Biology, computational biology, Bioinformatics, preferably with a focus in large scale data analysis.
  • Experience with modern high-throughput including genomic variation (SNP, CNV, etc).

Required skills :
  • Experience with genomic analysis (GWAS, etc) and gene interactions networks.
  • Experience with pathway databases and softwares, analysis and visualization tools.
  • Tools of bioinformatic (UNIX, etc)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French or/ and English.

Additional information :
Temporary contract (24 months); France Paris (75).
Starting date as soon as possible.

Collaborative projects

Selected Publications

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